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Tattoos [EnglandXFemaleReader]
"I said No"
"Pretty Pleeaaase?"
"For the fifteenth time it's No"
[ Name ] huffed as she lat on her butt on her heals on the sofa, sitting into Arthur Kirkland's living room; the said blonde Englishman was sitting cross legged a meter or two away from the girl, a book in his crossed lap with no title, wearing maroon pants and a white long sleeve shirt under a dark green vest and had his reading glasses, framing those emerald eyes.
[ Name ] crossed her arms, feeling irritation take upon her. Why? Well I'll tell you why.
[ Name ]'s best friend and ally, Alfred, the burger loving American had taken her out to see a movie called [ recent movie name ] she really wanted to see. Which was something the two usually did together, sometimes they'd bring Mathew if they remembered. Alfred had taken her to see the movie and they both got fast food for lunch, Alfred choosing Mcdonalds (no surprises there) and the two began to talk as they ate.
Alfred talked about how Arthur r
:iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 28 4
I'm always here for you [Chibi] by Snowflake102 I'm always here for you [Chibi] :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 3 2 Red cares for Masky by Snowflake102 Red cares for Masky :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 3 0 Get Well Soon Markiplier by Snowflake102 Get Well Soon Markiplier :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 7 3 EXAMS DDDX by Snowflake102 EXAMS DDDX :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 2 0
Mature content
First Time. Japan X Male reader LEMON :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 266 67
What seems to be the trouble? by Snowflake102 What seems to be the trouble? :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 1 0 Shiro Kakashi (Vocaloid) by Snowflake102 Shiro Kakashi (Vocaloid) :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 4 0
Seme? Japan x male reader
February the 14th.
A day loved by lovers and couples.
Kiku sighed as he entered the building were they held their world meetings. Smiling kindly and nodding his head at passing countries and continents and growing nations. Kiku held a brown paper bag in his hands, no marking, no names no nothing on the bag.
It was a bit crumpled were kiku kept having his iron grip on it though. Kiku gulped as he searched the crowd of known countries and coloured mops of hair, Yet he couldn't find that (hair colour)mop of hair that looked soft at touch.
You see, Kiku and (Country Name) had close ties with each-other. They did business together and got along great and did big favours when countries looked down on either of them. The person who represented the (country) was (male name) (last name). The two were close, heck! Kiku let (male name) get away with a hug once!
The Japanese male didn't realise why you meant so much to him, Why he always made sure he looked neat and clean before you came to meetin
:iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 344 31
Kaito X shiro by Snowflake102 Kaito X shiro :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 0 0
Selfie HornyAmerica X MaleReader
You were at your house. Innocently doing your homework for school at your desk. Often looking at your laptop on the website you where on to do your homework on, You had to learn why America had entered WWII and had to answer the questions in your notebook. You were eating (favourite snack) while doing this. Often tucking some (hair colour) hair out of your (eye colour) eyes.
Suddenly your phone viabrated on the desk, pulling you away from your homework and looking at the text.
My Hero <3: Hey Babe. I've got a present for you ;)
You smiled and picked up your phone, dismissing the pencil onto the lined paper and forgetting about your computer screen. Chewing on another (favourite snack) you just put in your mouth. The thought of your burger loving boyfriend made you smile for hours.
Hey bae! Really? is it one of your famous hamburgers?
You put your phone on the desk only for it to vibrate again.
Nope. Better! ;)
One of Kiku's Yaoi mangas
:iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 540 108
My son's teacher. Teacher Male reader X England
Arthur Kirkland sighed as he pulled into the driveway of the primary school. Smiling as he turned the ignition off and he looked back in the mirror seeing his adopted son. Alfred in the back seat with his school bag ready. His baby blue eyes staring outside the window at the school. Let me explain. Arthur had been alone quite frankly all his life, He hadn't really had a good lasting relationship with anyone. Being gay and all and no one really liked his temper and sadly British charm didn't work on male's that often as it did on women.
After years of living in a lone, quite house with a empty spare room, He adopted a young blonde American child named Alfred who he adored to bits. Alfred was a bit of a troublemaker, but he got away with a lot and stood up for Arthur from full grown adults. He didn't like most things Arthur liked, But it didn't mean Arthur loved Alfred any less.
Alfred had a little brother, Mathew. Unlike the loud, burger loving, hyper 'hero'. Mathew was calm, quiet, wel
:iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 389 52
Accidents. Canada X Male Reader.
I can do this. I can do this. I can do this!
-wobble wobble wobble-
"Mattie!" (Male Name) groaned sitting on the cold ice that numbed the said male's rear end. The Canadian blonde stopped and turned seeing (Male name) on the ice. Using his hands to try stand on the skates. (Male name) wore a black jacket and Navy blue jeans, wearing a (favourite colour) scarf and (second favourite colour) beanie on his head of (hair length) (hair colour) locks. (favourite colour) mittens on his hands. Mathew was wearing a red mable leaf sweater, a little baggy for him and black pants, a white scarf and beanie and mittens.
(Male name) managed to get off his butt but his legs wobbled like jelly on a flat surface as he tried to stand himself up, A look of determination on his handsome features as he tried to stand up but found himself relying on his hands to keep him steady. He puffed his cheeks out
:iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 185 22
Dunk Male reader X america. You bet.
Alfred was sitting on the sofa by himself sipping the can of beer he was given, it was cold and it was his first can of beer that day. Alfred honestly didn't feel like drinking, well.....not that much. A beer or two was all he could probably take.
He wished he could say the same for (Male Name). (Male Name) was a kind young man from (Country Name). He was cooperative and wise and a great fighter and his country was rather successful and very modern. He was honest and kind and got along with a lot of counties, even Germany and Alfred's brother Mathew. (Male Name) had soft warm (skin colour) skin Alfred loved to touch, he smelled like (Insert favourite good smell here) which the American got high off and his eyes. My god. (Male name)'s (eye colour) eyes were made your heart stop. Or was it just Alfred's heart that stopped?
Well, Prussia, Germany, Italy and Japan had invited (Male Name) to Ludwig's house for a drink on (Male Name)'s growing success for his country. (Male name) ha
:iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 214 26
We love Markiplier by Snowflake102 We love Markiplier :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 0 0 The new night guard at FNAF by Snowflake102 The new night guard at FNAF :iconsnowflake102:Snowflake102 0 0


Quiet Jealousy - Uta x Reader {One-shot}
You threw up your legs carelessly on the table, nudging a cold cup of coffee aside; Uta’s workspace was cluttered. You lifted a foot to poke at the endless amount of tools hung before you, halting at the lilt of a familiar voice.
"(Name)-chan, please stop. I’d rather you screw around in someone else’s shop if you’re so bored.”
“Maybe I’ll go find a human to play with,” you drawled in return, inspecting your nails as Uta began to weave through the displayed masks, headed toward you.
"Humans are not to be toyed with," Uta scolded you quietly, pushing your shoes off his table with tentative fingers. He held up and scrutinized a pin and some tool with a flattened end, pointing it lazily in your direction. His red and black eyes bled mischief.
"You're not supposed to play with your food."
You chuckled lightly as he turned and leaned against the wood desk, pulling out his sketch pad from a drawer without looking. There stretched a comfortable s
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 1,072 94
Morning - Uta x Reader {One-shot}
He always woke before you would. 
Sometimes you wondered if Uta even slept the way his eyes regarded you with alertness shrouded behind a mien of coolness, a look you always saw past. His dark eyes would be the first thing you saw because of how much he 'enjoys seeing you so innocent.' 
But today, as you slowly surfaced into the realm of the living, your bleary gaze focused on a peacefully dozing Uta. 
You stared at him in shock; how many mornings had you spent with him, only to wake to his probing hands or gentle kisses? Aside from being surprised, you immediately set to burn the image of his mouth being slightly parted, his eyebrows perked up, small nasally inhales filling the silence exuding peace. 
Uta made a noise to puncture your moments of observance, his lips forming around incomprehensible sleep jargon. You barely suppressed a laugh when he kicked his legs out, jutting you in the shins. 
To avoid further conflict between flying limbs, you tangled your
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 380 26
Morning - Ayato x Reader {Drabble}
You poked fondly at the broad back presented to you, a mischievous grin baring your teeth as Ayato grumbled peevishly and twitched after you pressed into his side.
“Quit feeling me up and go to sleep.”
“I can’t,” you teased, slinging and arm over his bare abdomen. Ayato shifted only slightly, his muscles rippling against you as you pressed nearer. “It’s morning already.”
“Too early,” he replied shortly, butting against you with his bottom. You chuckled and ducked into his back, nuzzling between his shoulder blades affectionately. Ayato only sighed and took a deep breath before burrowing deeper into your bedsheets. 
You frowned at your boyfriend’s back for several seconds before withdrawing your arms. You took the time out of your busy week to spend the night with him, only to be brushed off for extra sleep rather than cute early morning cuddles? You huffed in annoyance.
Instead of pursing his warmth like you usually
:iconthedarkdrag0n:TheDarkDrag0n 407 29
Snapchat | Ayato Kirishima x Reader
In a cold night, a certain ghoul was sulking in her room with a thick blanket hugging her form, well, that's you, staring at the bright screen of her phone, specifically, in the spammed messages she sent to her boyfriend.
8:34 p.m.
To: Ayato ♡
From: [name]
Subject: -
ayatoooo i miss you!(♡˙︶˙♡)
when will you be back? (。•́︿•̀。)
See, unlike other ghouls (like your boyfriend, Ayato) you're pretty much a lazy one who's clingy and who always depends on her boyfriend. Basically, you spend your life watching shows and blogging in your room whenever Ayato isn't around.
Sipping the warm cup of coffee in your hands, you glanced at the wall clock hanging near your bed.
9:46 p.m.
'Ayato what's taking you so long?' You thought as you waited anxious for his reply, you knew he was busy with Aogiri but you couldn't help it, the boy wasn't in reach for the past week.
:iconauloras:auloras 36 6
France x Reader - Sleepy Affections
If there was one thing Francis Bonnefoy loved more than the world, it definitely had to be you.
And also the fact that you were just too cute when you got drowsy.
“You don’t have to stay awake with me, mon amour,” Francis spoke, his voice so gentle you could’ve sworn it was trying to coax you to sleep. “I’ll be finished with all this paperwork soon. Get some rest before me, oui?”
“But…” A yawn broke through your voice, effectively cutting off your sentence. “…I don’t want you to be lonely…”
His heart swelled at your words, a warm smile touching his lips as he chuckled. “Me? Lonely? With someone like you by my side? _____, just knowing that you love me is enough to chase those lonely feelings away.”
“Then… having me physically at your side must chase even more of those lonely feelings away… right?” you pointed out, your voice slowed fr
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,035 185
China x Reader - Wounded Confession
Ni hao, _____. Do you need something, aru?”
You sighed into your phone, the device crammed between your shoulder and ear as you struggled to carry the heavy grocery bags that burdened your aching hands. “Yeah, I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be coming over a bit late. My friend suddenly needed help getting all her groceries into her house, and by ‘needing help’ I mean she dumped all the work on me while she went out to do even more shopping.”
“Really, aru?” You could practically visualize the concerned look that had probably washed over your Chinese friend’s face. “Do you need help? That sounds tough, aru.”
“No no, it’s okay! I got this, Yao,” you said confidently, though the throbbing ache that bloomed across your arms begged to differ.
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 855 223
Canada x Reader - Plushie Confession
Sleepovers with Matthew and his brother Alfred always proved themselves to be eventful.
Whether or not that was a good thing, you’ve yet to decide.
“Matthew, help! Your– brother– is– choking– me!”
“C-C’mon now Alfred, let _____ go, it’s just a movie–”
Having completely disregarded Matthew’s attempts at making Alfred let you go, the American instead chose to grab onto Matthew too, ensnaring him in his death grip in his fit of fear.
Why did you accept their invitation for a sleepover again?
Oh yeah.
Because of Matthew.
Not saying it like it’s a bad thing, but your longtime, shy Canadian friend Matthew was someone you happened to harbor feelings for; and due to these feelings, you usually wanted to be around him, an
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,121 217
America x Reader - Penguin Hugs
“Hurry up, _____! We gotta see the penguins! A hero’s life is never complete until he’s seen penguins!”
The warm hand that was wrapped around yours eagerly pulled you towards the penguin area, the place which Alfred loved the most in the zoo; why he had such a deep fascination with the artic birds, you’d never know. “The penguins aren’t gonna just disappear, Alfie,” you said, a light chuckle falling from your lips. “We have all the time in the world.”
“But dude! The zoo pamphlet said that for a limited time we can actually go into the penguin habitat! How cool is that!?” Alfred exclaimed. His pace seemed to steadily increase as he spoke, forcing you to stumble along. “C’mon! I’ve always wanted to test this thing out!”
“Huh?” You cocked your head at this. “What’re you testing out? If you’re planning to feed them burgers, Alfie…”
This evoked a h
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 481 72
England x Reader - Snog
  It sounded a bit funny.
  But what did it mean?
  These were the thoughts that filled your mind as you continued on your stroll around the park near your house. Earlier, Francis had come up to you and told you to ask Arthur to snog you...
  When you had asked what the word 'snog' meant, he merely did that funny 'Ohonhonhon~' laugh of his, his perverted smirk growing a bit wider. He then said, 'Arthur will show you soon, ma cherie!' before walking away, leaving you confused.
  You had considered looking it up, but being the lazy person you were you decided not to. Snog couldn't be a bad thing, could it?
  ...Well, maybe it could, considering how Francis had told you to ask Arthur to snog you. And, well... Francis is a big fat pervert. Snog could very well mean sex if it came from Francis. And you didn't plan to lose your virginity just yet.
  Well actually, losing your virginity to Arthur wouldn't
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,141 479
Sick!England x Reader - Bath Talk
You were greeted with the gentle, faint aroma of tea and roses once you opened the door to your English friend’s house, his spare key clutched in your hand as you peered inside.
There was nothing out of the ordinary; as usual, Arthur’s house was kept in wonderful condition, with everything clean and not a speck of dust in sight. Closing the door behind you, you quickly locked it and put the key away before sighing.
Arthur had called you earlier, requesting that you come over. He was bedridden at the moment, and he absolutely refused to bring over Alfred to take care of him since last time the American had tried to place a hamburger on his head as a way of curing him.
It was funny, yes, but Arthur had informed you that he’d rather not have ‘that greasy morsel’ – you were quoting his words – on his forehead.
“Arthur?” you called out softly, quietly climbing the stairs so you wouldn’t disturb the ill Englishman.
There was
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,576 328
Germany x Reader - Cuddly
Ludwig was a cute sleeper.
You’d give him that.
With his peaceful expression and soft snores, he resembled a giant, huggable teddy bear; the fact that his hair was down didn’t help too much either, because it only seemed to add to the adorable look.
Nonetheless, even if he did resemble a teddy bear, he definitely wasn’t acting like one – on the contrary, it was you who was acting like a teddy bear.
“I’m so thirsty,” you whined pitifully, squirming around in Ludwig’s strong hold. “Lemme go, Luddy! Wake up! I wanna get some water!”
The German didn’t even move, earning yet another whine from you.
For ten minutes you’d been trying to escape Ludwig’s arms, yearning for a nice cup of water to quench your thirst; however, much to your chagrin, Ludwig had a bad habit of cuddling in his sleep.
Well, you wouldn’t really call it bad – if anything, you enjoyed being cuddled by the
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,532 233
I'm Still Here (Jim Hawkins X Reader)
You grumbled to yourself as Silver walked by, his arm slung around Jim's shoulders as they shared a joke about something that you "wouldn't understand". Captain Amelia raised an eyebrow at you, her eyes following your line of sight.
She sighed and clapped you on the shoulder. "Chin up, dear. You know he doesn't mean anything by it. Jim's just...a boy."
You gritted your teeth together. "I understand that but," You frowned. "I learned this," You gestured to the knot you were tying. "All of it, for him. I grew up hearing these stories about my father and I did everything I could to be like him, and then when I finally meet him after sixteen bloody years, he treats me like I'm just another sailor."
Amelia blinked in surprise when you suddenly wound your arms around her torso and buried your face in her chest. "There, there." She tried to soothe, patting your back awkwardly.
"I'm sorry, Captain." You said, pulling away immediately. "It just hurts. Do you mind if I take a break? I,
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 312 36
Mature content
Yandere Elsa X Male Reader :iconcornelioburris:CornelioBurris 19 2
Jason Todd x Reader Look Out
"I'm sorry man's twisted imaginations have made us people we never wanted to be."
Jason turns his head towards Gotham's dark lonely streets, and pays no mind to the rain attacking his coat. A little rain wouldn't hurt anyone, but he couldn't say the same thing if it had been pouring. Luckily, however, it was just a light sprinkle, which wasn't enough to keep him in his apartment for the night.
"Maybe if things had been different..."
He scowls. If things had been made different then none of this crap would have happened. He wouldn't have to be a monster.
"But anyways, I wanted you to know that I love you. A lot. Like a whole bunch. No use being awkward here, I just realllyyy love you."
He smirks.
"Anyways, it'll probably be a day or two before you actually listen to this mp3 I left for you, knowing you. Ah, that's not the point though. The point is, I'll be away for a couple of days, so I won't be able to visit you. Alright? I hope you're fine with that, I know y
:iconmarilsan:marilsan 155 11
Jack Frost X Reader One Shot! The Best Medicine
" Why do I have to be different from others?.." You asked yourself while walking in a park alone as it's quiet and empty... Just like how you feel tonight.
It's the season of late fall, all the leaves have already fallen and spread every where on the ground, and the air seems to get chiller every time you get farther away from your home. Luckily you're wearing your favorite color sweater that's zipped up, and the home made, baby blue gloves made by your little sister for you. Your gloves had white snowflakes with many different shapes on them, as they seem to be caught in the moment when falling from the sky. They may not match to your jacket, but you didn't mind, since they were made by your kindhearted sister.
You feel a little tired from walking for like almost half an hour or so. In your vision you see a bench up ahead, not too far, but close. When walking up to it, you place your hand on the metal arm, and lead yourself to sit down before pulling your hand back to place
:icondancing-wind:dancing-wind 144 24
Titan!ErenxReader Massive Affection
                             Tuesday July 12,855 12:45pm
"maybe a little but don't worry ____! everything will be good!"
There stood you and hanji butting heads as eren stands there awkwardly. He scratches the back of his head; laughing nervously. Hanji wanted to experiment to see how long Eren could keep his titan form. You were against it; it would bring to much unwanted attention.
"Don't worry ____!"  Hanji said with a huge grin on her face,placing a palm in your shoulder. "I got approval by the short corporal! so everything will be fine as long as he's a distant away" Hanji pushed you and eren furthe
:iconsallade:Sallade 881 193



14 deviations
4 deviations


"I said No"

"Pretty Pleeaaase?"

"For the fifteenth time it's No"

[ Name ] huffed as she lat on her butt on her heals on the sofa, sitting into Arthur Kirkland's living room; the said blonde Englishman was sitting cross legged a meter or two away from the girl, a book in his crossed lap with no title, wearing maroon pants and a white long sleeve shirt under a dark green vest and had his reading glasses, framing those emerald eyes.

[ Name ] crossed her arms, feeling irritation take upon her. Why? Well I'll tell you why.

[ Name ]'s best friend and ally, Alfred, the burger loving American had taken her out to see a movie called [ recent movie name ] she really wanted to see. Which was something the two usually did together, sometimes they'd bring Mathew if they remembered. Alfred had taken her to see the movie and they both got fast food for lunch, Alfred choosing Mcdonalds (no surprises there) and the two began to talk as they ate.

Alfred talked about how Arthur raised him, the two were pretty close and told each other everything as Alfred grew up; then Alfred explained the greatest story of most possibly in your life about the Englishman. Alfred had explained that one day when he was young he had walked into Arthur changing, he had his pants on but was putting on a shirt, and on Arthur's rib cage; hidden by all of the clothes he wore; was a awesome tattoo.

Of course [ Name ] got excited, her long time crush having a tattoo? that just made him even hotter. Alfred then explained before Arthur was all well mannered and neat, He was a teenager (much to their surprise) whom happened to be rather rebellious. Arthur was in a rock band, he slept with quite a few women as a teen and that he had got quite a few piercings and even a tattoo! But as Arthur came of age to become a representation of a country and came older, He had stopped with all the punk and went to the classy man [ Name ] was in love with.

[ Name ] just had to see this stamp of punk the Englishman hid, only Alfred, Arthur and now you know about it. No one else did and Arthur intended on keeping it that way. He defiantly didn't want anyone looking at it but himself because he wasn't going to show [ Name ] No matter how much she begged. It was starting to annoy her, and Arthur. Alfred was going to get a good scolding next world meeting.

[ Name ] huffed, gently crawling up to him again which made his thick eyebrows twitch from the irritation he was trying to push down. [ Name ] gently pressed her face against his arm, wrapping her arms around his arm. "Please Arthur? Only this once?" She said in a almost desperate tone. The blonde brit felt a small tug at his arm, meaning [ Name ] was now tugging at his arm; wanting him to notice her like a senpai and his kohai.

Arthur sighed in defeat, [ Name ] perked up at the sound before Arthur closed his book loudly. "If I show you once....Will you promise never to ask of it and never tell anyone?" he asked in a irritated tone not meeting her gaze. [ Name ] nodded quickly. "Of course! I promise" she said smiling gently at him, Arthur huffed, grumbling as he began to unbutton his vest, saying something among the lines 'I'm gonna kill that American next time I see him'

[ Name ] bit her lip as she watched in anticipation, wondering what kind of tattoo it would be. Knowing Arthur it wouldn't be something too big, most likely a small one; as name was lost in her wondering thoughts, she noticed Arthur was unbuttoning his shirt and she felt the smallest amount of heat travel to her face at once. She didn't expect him to take off his shirt completely! Maybe unbutton it a bit to see it but not the whole shirt, maybe it wasn't a small tattoo.

After a while Arthur's shirt slipped from his shoulders and he moved to stand so [ Name ] could get a better view. [ name ]'s eyes traveled; the brits bare torso. Arthur was never really fond of pool parties or swimming in general even though he could swim, so she never saw him shirtless at the pool or the beach whenever they went. So this was a blue moon for [ Name ] and there was no way she wasn't gonna miss this opportunity.

Arthur wasn't exactly muscular, but he was toned. He did have a good body shape and even though he was a male he had some hips on him, he had broad shoulders too, and he had those magical lines that made a 'v' shape that ended up in the end of his pants. His skin was rather pale, but not as pale as Kiku's skin. [ Name ] had to stop herself from drooling as her eyes examined the male, not just the tattoo.

Arthur tilted his head, clicking his fingers in front of the female's face, "[ Name ]? Poppet?" he asked, this cut you our of your trance of pervertedness and to blink rapidly up at him. "Hmm?" was his response. [ eye color ] eyes meeting his green ones, Arthur wasn't smiling, nor was he angry, a bit irritated yes. But the expression he had looked so cute! Arthur was blushing, his eyebrows together in a small irritated from and his lips down in a small pout, his green eyes looking away from her after their eyes connected. His arms covering his pecks and nipples.

[ Name ] saw the permanent ink on his pale well toned body. It was a pretty cool punk pattern trailing his left side, it stopped just half way into his rib-cage. It was a bunch of cool patterns and looked really badass for someone like Arthur, It was black with some red coloring in it and was in a shape of a heart. [ Name ] smiled and touched the inked skin, it didn't feel any different from his regular skin. At the touch Arthur flinched and backed away, face red.

"Look with your eyes and not with your hands!" He said rather loudly but not loud enough to be yelling. [ Name ] couldn't help but giggle. "Sorry" she apologized quickly. The englishman grabbing his white button up shirt, "It's fine Poppet. Just don't--" the male couldn't finish because as he stretched his arms up to let his shirt slip on. A bright flash had caught his attention from his scolding.

He opened his eyes to see [ Name ] her phone; smiling with her teeth sinking into her bottom lip softly. Arthur felt his eyebrow twitch as he quickly buttoned up his shirt. "Love....did you just take a picture of me?" [ Name ] giggled as a childish guilt took her features cutely. It was obvious she had just done so. "Maybe...Maybe not. That's for me to know and for you to...never find..." the female looked up; seeing the brit's face bright red, steam could've come out from his ears and he was almost sweating, he was panting gently. His hands into fists. "....Out"

The blonde caterpillar eyed male remained patient. He held his hand out, white from being clenched, waving his fingers, palm out. "Gimme the phone" [ Name ] instantly cradled the object to her chest. "No! You look so awesome!" It was then [ Name ] realized she was beginning to sound a lot like her american friend. But stood her ground. "I don't care. Give me the phone" [ Name ] shook her head. "No!"

Arthur began to loose his patience, his foot tapping the ground. "[ Name ]. I hate my photo taken unless it's needed" It's needed for my desires at night. [ Name ]'s perverted side screamed but luckily the words didn't slip out of her lips. "Still a No" The Englishman held up a hand, showing all five fingers. "You seriously gonna do that with me? It's not gonna work" [ Name ] shrugged crossing her arms across her chest, Hiding her phone.


"You treating me like a child"


"Don't do this to me Artie"




"I'm warning you! I've watched all the Rush Hour and Kung Fu Panda Movies! and I'm friends with Yao! I can whoop you ass"



Let's just say [ Name ]'s "karate skills" were no match for the famous and very angry Arthur Kirkland.  
Tattoos [EnglandXFemaleReader]
To be honest this is personally something I would totally do. 
I'm not sure about you. 
But yeah; I got bored and the idea of this came into my mind when I saw PunkEngland Fanart :3 
Hope you enjoyed it. :) 
I am a dummy! 
I do not own you or Arthur Kirkland


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